custom resin orders


Are you interested in a resin piece made by me that’s your own design and aesthetic? Look for further for I am happily now taking custom orders and commissions. These commissions will be for all resin jewelry at the moment until I can mentally work out how to manage other custom jewelry or accessories. 

To the right, you will fill out the form and be as specific as you can be to the details that will be added. If you’re curious about something in my inventory, please don’t hesitate to reach out. With that being said, allow me anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to reply.

Once you submit the form, I will reply to you to tell you your order number/ place in line, and we can discuss any further details. Throughout the process I will be providing you updates so you can see the process. 

Payment proceeds as follow: you will be invoiced the full price, half must be paid up front before I begin and the rest will be paid upon completion and after your final confirmation of the product.  If you would like something changed, such as painted colors, please say so before the final doming process.

Disclaimer: Commissions are currently open though I am taking on a certain amount based on the week and influx that comes to me. As the commissions come, I will keep you updated on the order of your request and the relative time that it should be complete.