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Welcome to West Virginia

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The year was 1966. Two gravedigger’s saw a big black figure fly overhead one night while out in the cemetery. They didn’t know then that they’d be the first to ever see the Mothman. Living in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, they say the Mothman lives in a TNT area of town. legend has it that he’s 10 feet tall, hot as hell, and the cutest little humanoid man thing you ever did see! Every keychain is handmade which means that there will be small imperfections. By purchasing you are agreeing to buy art with the knowledge that it is flawed in its unique way.

Keychains are made with resin, acrylic paint, mica powder(s) and/ or alcohol ink(s). Please check the FAQ about cancellations, returns, and exchanges.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.25 in


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